I am a vampire & use Bloodlines THIRST HUD for my vampire needs & activities. If you are interested in becoming a vampire or want to learn more. Please IM me in Second Life & we can discuss it further in private 💀

My husband & myself have our own family (clan) Forever Knights. Where I am Queen & hubby is King, to which he started the clan!

We are sisters to another family (clan) named Nightshades, where we are Prince & Princess but still our King & Queen title!

Forever Kinghts:


Wil Jayaram


Envy Jayaram (Envy Yuhara)


Prince: Wil Jayaram

Princess: Envy Jayaram (Envy Yuhara)

Nightshades is owned by my gramma!


Selkat Moonwall


Skyfire Constantine Moonwall

And many other High Kings & High Queens among others in Nightshades!!!

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